Second Man in EastSideHigh Vendor Trio Sentenced

A Massachusetts man who was part of Wall Street market’s EastSideHigh vendor operation received a sentence of 28 months yesterday after changing his plea to guilty earlier this year. Allante Pires, 25, was also ordered to forfeit a 2013 Mercedes sedan and will undergo three years of supervised release after the end of his sentence.

Pires admitted to being part of the EastSideHigh vendor team in June, which also consisted of Binh Thanh Le, 25, and Steven McCall, 26. The three were indicted in June 2019 on charges of conspiring to manufacture and distribute MDMA, Xanax, and ketamine; the result of a months-long investigation involving physical surveillance GPS tracking devices being placed on the suspect’s cars. Their investigation was prompted after US Customs intercepted packages containing pill binders that were addressed to an office space registered in Le’s name.

Massachusetts state police also analyzed trash left outside the office location on which they detected drug residue. They also found materials frequently used in the manufacture of drugs in the garbage generated by the office. After the address was put on a watchlist, customs seized several more packages destined for the office, this time containing LSD, Xanax, and MDMA from international suppliers.

Pires posing with his recently-forfeited Mercedes. Source: Facebook

Le, who is believed to be the mastermind of the group, pled guilty to charges against him and was sentenced in March of this year, while his two co-conspirators initially entered pleas of not guilty. During Le’s arrest, authorities seized more than 10,000 Xanax pills, 20 kg of MDMA, and seven kg of ketamine. They also confiscated 59 BTC from his computer, worth approximately $200,000 at the time, and $100,000 in cash.

Le kept steady communication with his Wall Street customers on the Dread forum under the name EastSideHigh, whose products were generally well-regarded by the darknet market community. He was arrested by undercover officers during a BTC-for-cash exchange sting operation in a Massachusetts hotel room.

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